Blandishments [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blandishments:

To this blandishment they were never averse or inaccessible, and Gerald inherited the trait in all its strength.

He tried every persuasion and blandishment in his power, but she still remained obstinate.

A sort of frozen blandishment on these occasions smoothed his proud face as he stood, with his lady beside him, to receive them.

These men, who had bravely faced persecution, were at last overcome by blandishment.

"Come near; I will not hurt you," urged Caius, helpless to do aught but offer blandishment.

In vain did the Professor try argument and blandishment to remove his scruples of conscience.

It was his belief in the absolute newness of blandishment to Elfride which had constituted her primary charm.

And another is the blandishment and trickery of the steamship agent.

Mrs. Molineux was proof against this blandishment, and Bella had to go.

I have never in my experience seen such an example of the blandishment of wealth.