Blandnesses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blandnesses:

Within a few hours, their phlegmatic blandness had begun to pass.

Her blandness was beyond all baiting; she professed she could be as still as a mouse.

The results he accepted with cheerful blandness, but he never went back to the cause.

The Captain hung about us, and was all blandness, courtesy, and admiration when he addressed Helga or directed his eyes at her.

It was the Indian summer, and the calms, and almost the blandness of June, slept in the hazy atmosphere.

Robert's feelings of annoyance gave way to gratification at Mr. A——'s blandness, which, however, had a slight acid behind.

Moreover, its customary rumble had left the inspector's voice which had flowed, Garth had remarked, with a conciliatory blandness.

He is willing to write a whole essay in criticism for the sake of the “insinuations” which his deceitful blandness will sheathe.

Jack had an uncomfortable sense that this man, for all the blandness of his respectability, could show claws.

This son received a good academical education and was greatly admired for industry, correct deportment and blandness of manners.