Blanks [adjective]

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People started showing off how GPT-3 could also autocomplete code or fill in blanks in spreadsheets.

On Tuesday, Tailwind Acquisition, a blank check company formed by Krim and venture capitalist Chris Hollod, filed to raise $300 million through an initial public offering.

Primer’s BLANC judges summaries by assessing how much better BERT performs in this fill-in-the-blank game after having accessed the summary.

Yuki Morono, a microbiologist at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, found that the modeling work by Bradley and colleagues complements his own findings on deep sediment life — and might help fill in some blanks.

Edna's face was a blank picture of bewilderment, which she never thought of disguising.

Sir Edward Bruce is said to have decided the question by a point-blank refusal to retire.

As in a trance he crosses the room, seizes charcoal, and feverishly works at the blank canvas on the easel.

The shingled old house offered blank windows to the road, like so many sightless eyes.

It is usual for companies to execute blank policies in due form to be filled out and delivered by their agents.

Firing at point-blank range, struggling bayonet against bayonet, the small French force worked its way towards the defile.