Blastoff [noun]

Definition of Blastoff:

rocket launch

Synonyms of Blastoff:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blastoff:


Sentence/Example of Blastoff:

The blastoff tickets had also been purchased—for June tenth.

Ramsey was saying softly: “Fifty-three, fifty-four, fifty-five, fifty-six … blastoff!”

They went inside swiftly and in a very few minutes prepared the thousand-tonner for blastoff.

The co-ordinator will hold up blastoff if we don't get off in three minutes, and Operations will scream.

She had been busy since blastoff, testing the computers, checking and rechecking them, being overly efficient.

The Valhalla has to be readied for blastoff, and once I check in aboard ship I can't come back to visit.

As he stood watching the blastoff Lee joined him, hands in her pockets, looking more than ever like a boy.

He was finding the unaccustomed idleness more wearying than the hectic work of loading the ship before the blastoff from Doorsha.

From the activity at the port, he could see that three ships were being made ready for blastoff.

Bartock was about to set the controls for blastoff when he heard footsteps clomp-clomping down the companionway.