Blat [noun]

Definition of Blat:

sheep sound

Synonyms of Blat:









Opposite/Antonyms of Blat:


Sentence/Example of Blat:

And you can draw character, paint character, but you can't very well blat about it, can you?

Take away the cow that gives the milk, an they would all blat jest like weaned calves.

As Johnnie's hand let the hoop fall Snowball gave a frightened blat.

And Struve was primed with all the facts he had heard Kinney blat out time and again.

The latter animal could not blat, for its wind was shut off.

But I'd give ten dollars to see you and Wimble Horn blat away on those altos again, with your eyes bulging out of your cheeks.

With another blat the beast switched around, lowered his head, and charged directly at the ugly man.

The first little blizzard, they'll hump up an' blat fer home an' mother.

We can't blat this wild yarn all over the air or the passenger lines would have our scalps.

The baby hasn't done anything but blat since the nurse coupled it onto the goat hydrant.