Blatancy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blatancy:

Money enough, and the knowledge of how to use it without blatancy or pinching—that would have been the second conclusion.

It is a pathetic compromise between the quaint reality of the old and the blatancy of the new.

They ceased to argue, and sheer blatancy, at all times a power, in war-time is supreme.

For these he had chided himself, as for an over-polite revulsion from the necessary blatancy of a broadly advertised enterprise.

Yet, making allowance for editorial blatancy, they may contain a germ of bitter truth.

He could not endure blatancy; his admiration was to be won only by a bashful hero.

It was the blatancy of the business, not any evil quality inherent in it, which had offended him.

Then indeed the hideous blatancy of the city's life flared out in all its painful vulgarity.

It sounds like a diminished silk petticoat which has lost its blatancy, but retains its personality.

His satisfaction found expression in blatancy and in actions that were thoroughly at odds with a man of his age.