Blatantly [adjective]

Definition of Blatantly:

caught in the act

Synonyms of Blatantly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blatantly:


Sentence/Example of Blatantly:

The general pressure was for a less blatantly hardened campus.

They can’t just — blatantly try to subvert our whole democracy like this.

The judge assigned to the disciplinary case labeled Carey “blatantly disingenuous” and suspended him from practicing law twice in 2009.

So when someone lies to you or blatantly disregards public safety, there is a tendency to take that personally, too.

Legal experts have called the law “blatantly unconstitutional.”

Mackie, both at the college and elsewhere, was one of these blatantly popular chaps, and I myself didn't like him.

I became blatantly American again, and gloried in the fact that everywhere it was all Stars and Stripes.

Mrs. Ackroyde was far less artificial, and though her hair was dyed it did not proclaim the fact blatantly.

They want the practical, the blatantly obvious, spiced with a little emotion.

"Our money may have been made a little—well, blatantly," said Hal, flushing.