Blather [noun]

Definition of Blather:

talk a lot

Synonyms of Blather:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blather:


Sentence/Example of Blather:

Blather, bladdher; a person who utters vulgarly foolish boastful talk: used also as a verb—to blather.

You don't say so; now by gracious how they du blather out their words, dont they?

Rattleton spent much time on Blather's education—so did Rattleton's friends.

Let them blather on; they won't hurt you, as long as you know them for what they are.

Blather's most prominent virtue of all was devotion to his master, and his affection was fully returned.

Talking blather about unprovoked outrages, cannibals, and a menace of savages to the Republic, she started a war of extermination.

I invented a happaratus for extracting stone and gravel from the blather, without any operation at all.

Hip and Blather skitzen for the good and honorable Mayor, who always loves the people!'

Yet you blather about being 'practically engaged' to Doris Martin, a girl who wouldn't let you tie her shoe-lace.

Will you cease your blather of mutiny and treason and courts-martial?