Blathering [adjective]

Definition of Blathering:


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Sentence/Example of Blathering:

Most of this blather is just muscle memory for Gingrich, whose rise to power was fueled by making people suspect the worst of his political opponents.

Some blathering parsons say that this blessed Mission is teaching men to talk cant and Puritanism.

It's some of them blathering Barneys that's after calling me Bridget a widdy.

But my Irishmen are as jolly as ever, blathering and chaffing each other after their usual fashion.

"Neither will I if you do me out of two thousand quid by blathering here," Foley drawled.

I should be glad to know what business a pauper body like this has blathering abroad?

I am greatly afraid that the head will be turned on Oona with his share of blathering.

You'd be a great one for keeping him steady at his work, for he's after idling and blathering to this hour from the dawn of day.

They're forever blathering about fair play—I wish they'd give a little, as well as take all.

Go out of that door, I'm telling you, and do your blathering below in the glen.