Blatherskites [noun]

Definition of Blatherskites:


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Sentence/Example of Blatherskites:

A scandal-mongering, yellow blatherskite, on its last legs financially.

I want thim to remimber their father as something besides a blatherskite phin they grow up.

He'd be readin' away in his Morgen Blatherskite, and all of a sudden he'd jump out of his chair.

Ye'r nobbut an auld blatherskite, 'Becca, as preaches mair charity in a day ner ye'r ready to stand by in a twelvemonth.

We know a man will swallow all manner of guff in politics; he'll buy a gold brick from a cheap blatherskite.

The Confederate Major was of the class referred to in polite American parlance, as a "blatherskite."

But it was lenient with Gregorig, who had called Iro a cowardly blatherskite in debate.

What do I care for the Separationist blatherskite more than for the loyal fools?

I fancy that blatherskite, Dorsett, wont sail so high tomorrow.

Maurice's Jabberwock will begin with his blatherskite nonsense—it will be something to pass the time.