Blazer [noun]

Definition of Blazer:

lightweight jacket

Synonyms of Blazer:



Opposite/Antonyms of Blazer:


Sentence/Example of Blazer:

Blazer contingent has moved up closer; they pretend to recognise me as "Cousin Bill."

Do you see that orange-and-black striped blazer—there by the seaweed: he's pointing; that's Philip Lacey.

"It was my old school blazer," he told her in a gentle voice, not to interrupt too much the current of her thoughts.

In impatient haste he tossed out some old novels, caps, a blazer, a roll of moth-eaten bunting.

He was still wearing the blue blazer and khakis he wore on the days that he was consulting in Silicon Valley.

You see, I remembered that Fangs and Blazer are generally out by this time, a full hour before dark.

If the tree could talk, he had thought, it might tell who shot Johnny Blazer.

He said, more to himself than to anyone else, "Blazer's guns was found in his cabin."

If it could talk, it probably could tell who had killed Johnny Blazer.

Why should seeing Johnny Blazer's dog be cause for such alarm?