Bleakest [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bleakest:

A farm of five hundred acres was secured within a week, the bleakest, coldest spot ever swept by ocean breezes anywhere.

A gray dawn was breaking, and this is the coldest and bleakest hour of the day.

The bleakest portions of a farm should be pastured off in autumn, so as to reserve the sheltered spots for winter use.

From tropic to the bleakest north, the cocks crow before the advancing margin of dawn.

How his heart flows out in sympathy over universal nature; and in her bleakest provinces discerns a beauty and a meaning!

The Indians use no head-dress, but support the bleakest rains and hottest suns of those bare plains with naked heads.

Morning found him with the time and the great desire to follow the “Gray Streak” to the bleakest shore of the Arctic, if need be.

It appeared likely that the armies would meet about Dalwhinnie, now the highest and bleakest part of the Highland Railway.

In the coldest and bleakest places the warmest charities still maintain a foothold.

It grew dark about two o'clock in the afternoon, and we found ourselves promenading through the bleakest of winter landscapes.