Bleaknesses [noun]

Definition of Bleaknesses:

unhappiness, depression

Opposite/Antonyms of Bleaknesses:

Sentence/Example of Bleaknesses:

Chris Beyrer, professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said the inauguration could come at a particularly bleak moment in the pandemic.

They’ll end 2020 facing some of the nation’s bleakest employment prospects and the most volatile job market ever for recent college graduates.

Restaurants have constructed table barriers between parties — sometimes for both indoor and outdoor operations — that can create a bleak illusion of closed-off safety, in spite of the virus’s potential for airborne transmission.

They have recognized that as bleak as the coronavirus is, it has presented an opportunity to gain an advantage that might last for years.

Even as stimulus talks continue on Capitol Hill the odds of passing another economic aid package are looking bleaker by the day.

In 1968, it was a bold but bleak expression of queerness, coming on the cusp of a historical breakthrough that would happen a year later at Stonewall.

The most recent New York Times Sunday Magazine features an evocative meditation by Saval on the bleak, even existential challenges confronting designers today.

While it can be bleak, it's often affecting, and it's one of the few high-profile games that's unafraid to toy with typical player expectations.

Across the media landscape, ad-based publishers are scrambling amid the bleak ad market to emphasize their own subscription products and shore up their businesses.

I want to sit on its benches again in spite of their treacherous bleakness, in spite of the drabness.