Bleat [noun]

Definition of Bleat:

sheep sound

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Opposite/Antonyms of Bleat:


Sentence/Example of Bleat:

The poor child didn't understand why Teacher Thomas should stare so at her, and she let out one long, unending bleat.

Let blue flames rise from the living sulphur and the sheep bleat loud as she feels the touch of the smoking sulphur.

As one company passed, the measured bleat and squeal of the pipes faded and merged into a sound heralding the approach of another.

It was a half-bred Angora kid—the little animal whose bleat we had heard.

A shrill bleat came to our ears—came from the bush on the further side of the hole to us, but still a little way beyond it.

"Little goat, bleat; little table, rise," and there stood before her a little table covered with a white cloth.

She says to the goat: 'Little goat, bleat; little table, rise,' and there stands a table before her.

"Little goat, bleat; little table, rise;" and she sat at the table and ate and drank till she had had enough.

He bleated—a tiny, pin-pointed bleat—and his mother turned to answer encouragingly.

He seized the lamb by the shoulder, and it did not even bleat as he swung it over the wall, and cantered with it to Knockdane.