Bleated [verb]

Definition of Bleated:

yell in a loud and high-pitched manner

Synonyms of Bleated:

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Sentence/Example of Bleated:

Men shouted, women screamed, cattle bellowed, and sheep bleated; while a shot or so told that something warlike was afoot.

Bullfrogs bellowed, tree-frogs bleated like lost lambs, crickets shrilled, and owls hooted.

Then the old one bleated, and went on her way with an easy mind.

"Here is wishing you and your family a safe and happy journey," bleated the leader of the Angora flock.

When Brownhead missed her lamb she came up every night to Grettir's hut and bleated so that he never could get any sleep.

They bleated piteously the first evening, probably distressed at leaving their native country.

The dogs received them obstreperously, and the kid from its corner bleated faintly.

He bleated—a tiny, pin-pointed bleat—and his mother turned to answer encouragingly.

At one moment I came upon some sheep and lambs that were sheltering under a hedge, and they bleated in the silence of the night.

He went into the water and called them by name, but they came to the bank and bleated, and were too afraid to follow.