Bleeders [noun]

Definition of Bleeders:

baseball hit on the ground

Synonyms of Bleeders:

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Sentence/Example of Bleeders:

A voice from a far corner called out, "Oui, the bleeder is in the end dugout, old cock!"

But the bleeder vent at the other end of the reactor had apparently kicked at the same time.

The shock of that sudden release had jarred the whole atmosphere inside the reaction chamber, and the bleeder valve had let go.

An enormous amount of unused energy had been released, blowing the entire emergency bleeder system out.

Much more helium than necessary was being produced, and the bleeder valve had failed.

When all the air had been removed, a bleeder valve allowed the outer air to come into the chamber.

The usual mode of transmission is through the mother, who is not herself a bleeder, but the daughter of one.

Bleeder's knee, Charcot's disease, hysterical knee, and loose bodies in the joint have already been described.

The "fire-doctor" is therefore even a greater character in his way than the "bleeder," whom we have just visited.

When a balata-bleeder reaches his destination he builds himself a hut—a wooden framework, thatched with leaves.