Bleedings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bleedings:

This has become as much of an abuse as the old-time purgings and bleedings.

The abundant bleedings he had practiced, notwithstanding the tender years of the patient, seemed to have given some relief.

After careful observation Schwann refused to concur in the report that the bleedings were manifestly miraculous.

The necessity of frequent bleedings kept down his strength, and his hectic paroxysms continued, though less severe.

I have just now been well informed, that Dr. Rush has lately cured five out of six patients by copious bleedings.

One, an old man, stops bleedings of all kinds by a similar charm, viz.

We are not bound to prove, in every case, how an animal gets well after two or three repeated bleedings.

By the 15th of July, in the same year, the bleedings numbered four thousand five hundred and fifty-five.

They are treated by copious bleedings and purgings, and by very low diet.

We can express our thoughts, and the various lights and shades, the bleedings, of our thoughts.