Bleeds [verb]

Definition of Bleeds:

cause blood to flow

Synonyms of Bleeds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bleeds:


Sentence/Example of Bleeds:

"Only cut deep enough to make it bleed freely," said the surgeon, as he dressed Harry's arm.

Undoubtedly the type who got sick to his stomach at the sight of blood even though it might be no more than a nose-bleed.

I must not wound myself—I would bleed slowly—they might discover me still alive.

Called in to bleed Mme. de Mortsauf, whose life was saved by this operation.

I suppose that something has been smashed up, so that it cannot bleed.

It is the joy of my soul to wring his heart and make it bleed!

If they bleed, the blood must be stopped as in any other case.

The clotting of blood is of great physiological importance, for otherwise we might bleed to death even from a small wound.

This history of our numerous misfortunes, related in so true and moving a manner, made my heart bleed within me.

The eyes become violently inflamed, and the lids swell and bleed.