Blenched [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Blenched:

Beyond lay the bay, flashing brightly in the sunlight; but her strong eyes did not blench as she gazed.

Now it is the turn of his judges to blench, for his persecutors to tremble.

His discipline was of the sternest, his censure a thing to make the boldest officer blench.

While uttering these words, the sachem fixed a searching glance on the hunter, but the latter did not blench.

He saw her blench; saw fear stare from those dark eyes that could be so very bold.

He knew, declared Aristophanes, that the Rhodian hated him most of mortals, but he would not blench.

I will not blench now, in the last struggle, though perils thicken around me.

Now and then the Commander-in-chief makes the enemy 'blench,' but for one 'blench' you get a thousand 'trenches.'

"Blench, doubtless, or for a mere nominal reddendo," remarked the Scot.

With his remorseless scissors he hovers over Germany and Austria in a way that would make the two Kaisers blench.