Blende [noun]

Definition of Blende:

metallic mineral

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Sentence/Example of Blende:

It is said to require the reduction of about five thousand tons of the blende to produce one pound of radium.

It is what is called "zinc blende," and consists of zinc sulphide, or zinc and sulphur in combination.

The blende is first roasted in huge furnaces specially built for the purpose.

The Pierrefitte blende contains one part of gallium in four hundred thousand.

Zinc occurs in nature most commonly as sulphide (blende); it also occurs as carbonate (calamine) and silicate (smithsonite).

How would blende compare with pyrites as a source of sulphur for sulphuric acid making?

In this way the blende, which always accompanies galena in a greater or smaller quantity, is well separated.

Blende is found in great quantities in Derbyshire and Cumberland, as also in Cornwall.

Přibramite is the name given to a cadmiferous blende from Přibram in Bohemia.

Considerable quantities of blende were also met with, and strong indications of the existence of copper are furnished.