Blended [verb]

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Men's lives are as thoroughly blended with each other as the air they breathe: evil spreads as necessarily as disease.

Human and animal cries blended in one piteous appeal for mercy.

The Greek word has become blended with the Hebrew phrase, and the compound used as a formula of execration.

All its gables and nooks were blended and held together by the tender green of the climbing roses and young creepers.

I am glad that in you the musician and the man are so completely and harmoniously blended.

Mr. Ballantyne has blended with the incidents of war on the Danube a story of personal adventure spiritedly told.

One emotion blended the prayers of the four servants of God and the King in a single supplication.

She went back to her, and on a nearer view a sudden impulse of pity, blended perhaps with curiosity, got the better of her.

The Stoics rebuke the impiety which is blended with sensualism, and place their hopes on virtue.

The two sentences blended into one; and instantly Morgiana burst again into laughter.