Blessednesses [noun]

Definition of Blessednesses:

supreme happiness

Synonyms of Blessednesses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blessednesses:


Sentence/Example of Blessednesses:

I feel really blessed that I feel stable now, when a lot of my friends and family are not, so there just didn’t seem to be a reason to wait.

She has always been my biggest supporter, and I feel very blessed to have also had her to invest in this brand.

I feel so blessed that God sent me a man who values me, my daughter, my family and has his own close relationship with God.

“I feel blessed and humbled and overwhelmed to be the one with the most votes,” she said.

While I will forever feel blessed for the opportunities I received throughout my life, I also recognize that not everyone can say the same.

So, it was a great start, very blessed to have been where I was at the right time.

I believe we thought so; and I know that Ennis, who was thus doomed to a further period of single blessedness, thought the same.

Well, smiling into the sympathetic eyes, if nothing new ever happen to me, Ill find out all the blessedness of the old.

As in the keeping of his commandments there is a great reward, so the blessedness of high privilege is enduring.

Then I shall wither in single blessedness; I shall be unhappily not married instead of unhappily married.