Blesses [verb]

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It is twice blessed—it blesses him who earns, and those who give, to parody the words of Shakspeare.

The close of the overture should describe how Prospero renounces his spells, blesses the lovers, and returns to his country.

Anon the storm leaves him, the sunshine breaks the clouds, and warms his frozen limbs; the traveller smiles and blesses God.

It is a wonderful thing, that spirit of mother love which surrounds us, blesses us and leads us on to higher things.

And that the same is true under the Gospel—where his name is recorded, and only there, he now meets and blesses his people.

Even now perhaps her calm insensible soul blesses itself for not being made like mine.

To be a popular invalid is in itself a career: it blesses those that call and those that receive.

A bishopess smells of holy water—the bishop blesses; a count's wife smells of wine—the count, her husband, drinks himself drunk.

Central, is the figure of a young child, speaking at once of childhood and the God who blesses it.

The point of the parable evidently is that God blesses the one, that God destroys the other.