Blessings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blessings:

He acknowledged him in his blessings, and gave him an inheritance, and divided him his portion in twelve tribes.

It seems hardly possible to draw a more graphic picture of the blessings diffused by the balmy plant, than that just given.

The blessings of time and eternity constitute the part of the promise offered to believers, through Christ.

It is as sinners seeking forgiveness that men, however much they may have enjoyed the blessings of the Covenant, perform it.

In their view, if only this were accomplished blessings innumerable would ensue and all complaints would for ever cease.

The gods are given their portion of the family meal, the sanctified dead are recalled to take their share of the family blessings.

She could not but love one upon whom she was conferring such rich blessings.

To the true Israel receiving spiritual blessings, it was dispensed as a covenant.

All the blessings of education, civilization, law and liberty have come to us through the channel of abundant, reliable testimony.

As sons of Freedom you are now called upon to defend your most estimable blessings.