Blest [verb]

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Pleasures are more beneficial than duties because, like the quality of mercy, they are not strained, and they are twice blest.

De good Lawd has blest me all de way, an' all I have is His'n, even to my own breath.

"Blest if the old Nonesuch ain't a heppin' us out agin," and he begun to haul out yaller-jackets and stack them up.

The hare-lip she got to pumping me about England, and blest if I didn't think the ice was getting mighty thin sometimes.

Blest with their camels, they not only want for nothing, but they even fear nothing.

He does not say cryptic things or babble trivialities in the name of the mighty Dead—the mighty Damned or the mighty Blest.

He tells me the right way to plant potatoes and prune apple-trees, and our communion is blest with eupeptic content.

"Why, blest if it ain't old Mole, the man who came to bid young Harkaway and his friends good-bye when we sailed," cried Chivey.

There, where affection warms the father's breast, There is the spot of heav'n most surely blest.

At the start he was blest with a most marvelous and retentive memory, and a keen sense of the practical side of life.