Blether [noun]

Definition of Blether:


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Sentence/Example of Blether:

He replied, Och, we just boomed yon stone boxes until they stopped their blether, and then went to the next one.

Her faither's ga' blether's fu' o' ga' stanes, or as my faither ca'es them, ga' nuts—a decided icterus or jaundice.

As if the holy Psalmist thought of rattling rhymes in blether, like his own silly clinkum-clankum that he calls verse!

Ulster and Scotch form blether, blethering: Burns speaks of stringing 'blethers up in rhyme.'

In the same way Mr. Philip can blether to his silly heart's content and he'll never prove that I'm a bold girl.

These conversations usually ended in an admonition from Lisbeth to Peter to eat his meat and no blether.

"I'm talkin' blether," she said, stumbling over a stone in the road.