Blew [verb]

Definition of Blew:

blast, rush of air, wind

Synonyms of Blew:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blew:

Sentence/Example of Blew:

Bits of paper blew aimlessly about, wafted by a little, feverish breeze, which rose in spasms and died away.

The ne'er-do-well blew, like seed before the wind, to distant places, but mankind at large stayed at home.

Now he blew out the lamp and stood over me in the half-light, holding out a hand.

It was a windy night and a sudden gust blew his tall hat into the river, and after it unfortunately dropped the meerschaum.

It was a rather depressed stock-hand, name of Flood, who blew cigarette smoke out over the brow of Writing-Stone that evening.

A cold and mournful wind blew down the street, ruffling the darkened river.

"I am not Lady Macbeth," said Isabel, with a tremor in her own voice, as she entered and blew out the candle.

The Seneschal blew out his cheeks almost to bursting point, then wagged his head and smiled wistfully.

He quickly understood what was required of him and blew his nose again and again.

It blew out of the canyon-mouth like a gust from a chimney, rolling over and over in billowy masses.