Blighted [verb]

Definition of Blighted:

ruin, destroy

Synonyms of Blighted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blighted:

Sentence/Example of Blighted:

How many blighted buds there are for every full-blown flower or ripened fruit!

The danger with long engagements is that they often do not end in matrimony, and in such a case a young girl's future is blighted.

A vague hope brought me here, and I confess that, when I saw this hope blighted, my first thought was of revenge.

When the crop sprang up which he had himself helped to sow, he blighted it.

Cloud, that hast revealed to us this young creature and her blighted hopes, close up again.

The spot where it was held never bloomed again with flower or herb; the burning feet of the demons blighted it for ever.

In a cosy, vine-embowered cottage near the sounding sea, lives and suffers a blighted female.

Temple Grace looked as if he were blighted by lightning; and his deep blue eyes gleamed like a hyena's.

Val reflected with pride that her capacity for enjoyment was not blighted by too great early piety.

The patient old earth smiled again on Proserpina's return, for then her mother gave the blighted vegetation a redoubled care.