Blimps [noun]

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The French have a small airship very much like the Blimp which they use for scout duty.

The Blimp carries a 100 horse power Curtiss aviation motor, and is equipped with wireless for exchanging messages.

Don found as he neared the golf course that the people from the blimp apparently had no immediate plan to attack, either.

The star shell had died out but he could see the blimp silhouetted against the sky.

Another of the weapons or instruments of warfare devised largely for use in destroying the evil submarine is the "blimp."

Thus, it will be seen that the blimp is an important auxiliary of the flying-machine in the pursuit of the submarines.

If the "Zeppelin" be excepted, the blimp is the most highly-developed and scientific heavier-than-air flying machine ever devised.

The front part of the blimp's car is occupied by the engine and radiator, behind which is a bulkhead of sheet steel.

Thus if (just for illustration) a blimp spies a hostile submarine, the news is instantly transmitted to the Navy Department.

The blimp's "car" carries an electric storage battery to furnish lights.