Blinders [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blinders:

It never occurred to her that he was blinder than Henriette herself, to the real centre and heart of the difficulty.

Been blinder than one of those varnished skulls some tough-stomached people use for paper-weights.

He saw in this girl what those blinder than he had not yet recognised—the dawning of a wonderful, a radiant and glowing beauty.

Of Mr. O'Connell's policy, already referred to, none were blinder victims than some of the priests.

As between the sightless beggar and the sin-proud Pharisees, the latter were by far the blinder.

We confess our inability to discern the vaunted superiority of the powers of reason over those of its blinder sister.

He grew blinder and blinder to fine perceptions, not alone of what was good in taste, but of what was right in principle.

Why, a woman far blinder than Diane Sampson could have seen that here stood a man.

The cowboy, blinder than ever, comforted himself with praising the absent scoutmaster.

It is very easy for you to joke, but how would you like to wear a blinder like that for weeks and weeks, sir?