Blindest [adjective]

Definition of Blindest:


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Sentence/Example of Blindest:

So, it’s definitely like the blind person figuring out where the stove is in the room.

Digging further into the data reveals only larger blind spots.

I was so blinded by how beautiful they were, how great bedtime was.

When Walter became blind and hard of hearing, Margaret helped him in the voting booth.

Carefully crafted engagement cannot come from buying generic, context-blind ad exposures to consumers that simply “check the box” for a given sociodemographic or online behavior.

This means over a third of publishers will experience critical blind spots relative to user behavior and engagement, unless they prioritize an alternative identity solution or authentication strategy.

In effect, school finance departments this year are flying blind.

A bionic eye could restore sight to the blind and greatly improve robotic vision, but current visual sensors are a long way from the impressive attributes of nature’s design.

Some people who are blind click with their tongues to make sounds.

Also, having conversations with friends and family members who can help me see my blind spots is really helpful.