Blindfolds [noun]

Definition of Blindfolds:

screen, covering

Synonyms of Blindfolds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blindfolds:


Sentence/Example of Blindfolds:

He knew his way about the North Sea blindfold, and all he didn't know about his trade wasn't worth knowing.

I dared not ask her how she had gotten through the nights, because she had used the blanket to blindfold the horse.

No, sir, I'd niver appear in public but wanst a year, an' thin I'd blindfold me lile subjicks so that they'd stay lile.

You may halt a bit to get your breath, but nobody is to touch his or her blindfold.

Every one knew his way to the river blindfold; so that the darker the night the better.

The modern epic is, of the supposititious ancient model, but an inconsiderate and blindfold imitation.

Then Frank's feet were bound, and he was forced to submit to the tying of a blindfold over his eyes.

It was a long descent, made longer by the blindfold and clumsier by his inability to move his arms.

The ministers felt, adds our historian, that they were entering into a dreadful game blindfold.

Ill predict that after you tell one or two of your exciting tales the blindfold act will be out of it.