Blinding [adjective]

Definition of Blinding:

bright, dazzling; flashy

Synonyms of Blinding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blinding:

Sentence/Example of Blinding:

It may be noted in passing that in the three miracles in Matthew of exorcising a blinding demon the title “Son of David” is used.

Once more the smoke grew blinding, and one of Dane's beasts went down.

It seemed to fall from the ceiling in blinding rays, it oozed from the walls in mouldings, sashes, framings of every kind.

Again the blinding light struck at me, the sickening shaking of the vibrance welled through me.

The warrior staggered clear of the block, his desperate plight blinding him to all else.

The sun of Palestine inundates with its blinding and scorching light, a desert covered with reddish sand.

In this plight I pressed on toward a light glimmering faintly through the blinding snow.

It demanded whether father and mother had equally forsaken him, and gave her a quick, sharp pang, and a blinding flash of tears.

With a good blinding snowfall, or a pelting downpour of cats and dogs, I might have hoped for a respite.

Darkness set in, and a blinding thunderstorm with deluges of rain, but the signallers were not to be beaten.