Blindnesses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blindnesses:

From that region they issue to inflict diseases, especially blindness and deafness.

We may apply to it with advantage the spectacles of social reform, but what the socialist offers us is total blindness.

But that "blindness to the future kindly given," allows them a few hours of sad enjoyment.

In the latter part of the same year he operated successfully upon Mme. Mignon for blindness.

In this stage iritis is liable to occur, and if it is not properly diagnosed and treated it will result in blindness.

"A blindness certainly shared by your wife," remarked Violet lightly.

He had always taken blindness as a synonym for helplessness, a matter of uncertain groping, of timidities, of despair.

They agreed in language too technical for a layman to understand that the cause of Doris' blindness was gradually disappearing.

What he had supposed to be the blindness of the bats was nothing more than a most natural circumstance.

He fought back the blindness and used his good arm to lift himself up.