Blinker [noun]

Definition of Blinker:

indication; authorization

Synonyms of Blinker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blinker:

Sentence/Example of Blinker:

"If we compute in the timing in our blinker system at opposite sides of the orbit, I think we can do it," Arcot said.

Saying which the Chief drew a sharp carving knife and cut off Mr. Blinker's ears.

A red blinker winked up at them and the Pilots fingers moved on the board in answer.

She placed her hand blinker-fashion against her mouth as if she would curb the smile.

Ben went back and retrieved the caution blinker and re-racked it in the side of the patrol car, then climbed up into the cab.

Considered as an ornament a blinker decorates a horse about as much as an eye shade does a man.

With one hand he caught something, rein or blinker, God knows which, with the other the end of the pole.

“The man from the gallows is the most likely, bating his nightcap and blinker,” said Master Silas, peevishly.

"Starboard side, probably eight hundred yards away," came back the Dutchman's blinker response.

Orders come in by blinker to rectify the line by falling back, but by then it couldn't be done.