Blip [noun]

Definition of Blip:

minor shock

Synonyms of Blip:






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Sentence/Example of Blip:

Both men turned abruptly as the stat-screen gave its warning blip.

He sat at the main screen, and studied the blip, making tiny crayon marks.

I war jes agwine to de house wen I see dese yer hosses comin ker-blip!

There was only one ship in the galaxy that could knock back a blip that big at such a distance.

Then, slowly, the line swept down and Roger suddenly saw the blip outline of a second craft.

Suddenly the attacking ship slowed and Strong could see the blip turn in a wide-sweeping curve.

The radarman studied the scanner, where, with each sweep of the thin white line, the blip of the ship appeared.

A blip appeared on the screen just beyond the 83° latitude line, across the Pole.

The blip representing Pickering had cut their flight path, slicing obliquely through their wake.

He pointed to a blip that was just swimming into view, a sharp green point against the screen.