Blissfulnesses [noun]

Definition of Blissfulnesses:

state of great happiness

Synonyms of Blissfulnesses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blissfulnesses:


Sentence/Example of Blissfulnesses:

But the serene blissfulness of the first days of their liaison was of short duration.

Peace now for us and blissfulness with our lords, for now all are filled save the door of the Sword, which maketh the hundredth.'

It has a catching blissfulness and a verve that make it one of the best American songs.

Graye did a thing the blissfulness of which was only eclipsed by its hazardousness.

But after a minute or so he got up, thereby interrupting the blissfulness of sensation, for Maud would wonder why he tarried.

The endeavour was next made now to identify "blissfulness" with virtue, now to represent it as virtue's consequence and effect.

The delicious lovers' life of two years before was renewed, but with how much richer and deeper delights and blissfulness!

His love welled out in blissfulness, and the sight of it swept away the beholders in a torrent of love.

The triumph over Damask, the most glorious warrior of his century, appeared to him as the height of blissfulness.

When you'll have found blissfulness in the forest, then come back and teach me to be blissful.