Blistered [adjective]

Definition of Blistered:

exposed, tender, referring to skin

Synonyms of Blistered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blistered:

Sentence/Example of Blistered:

With fire boots like these, it’s often said that it’s not the boot that gets broken in but your foot, so a durable pair of socks that fit well is sometimes just as important as the boot itself, especially when it comes to avoiding blisters.

Jean Potin keeps up a running flow of talk as he conducts his visitor down the long bare passages, past blistered yellow doors.

So, when he sat shoeless, resting his blistered feet on Locker's porch, he was ready to make his decision.

The nurse who handed her the cup noticed a dark red sediment at the bottom, and on tasting it found her tongue blistered!

He blistered Arbuthnot with abuse, swung from the newspaper office, and barged mightily down Fleet Street, a disturber of traffic.

Lay pretty long, and by lying with my sheet upon my lip, as I have of old observed it, my upper lip was blistered in the morning.

Honey you all is gwianter git blistered out in de sun like you is widout no hats on.

However, it swelled and blistered badly and the eye remained closed for two days.

No one was any the worse for the hardships, except for a few blistered fingers from frost-bites.

The surface was firmer, our eyes were relieved from the intense glare and our faces no longer blistered.