Blisters [noun]

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Palestinian artist Mahmoud Al Haj builds bleak cityscapes from pictures of medicine blister packs, inserting small photos of people at windows amid the nooks left by popped-out pills.

Breathable shoes allow your sweat to evaporate more quickly while keeping your feet cooler and protecting them from blisters and fungi.

Drew’s boots are also made of a softer leather than other popular fire boots, which amounts to a quicker break-in time and fewer blisters.

Luckily with these heel cushion Inserts, you can flaunt your new kicks and not worry about painful blisters.

His face was yellowing again, under the blister of sun and alkali.

How is it that the moon, that enormous blister-plaster, does not raise them?

The blister, if larger than a half dollar, should be opened near the edge with a needle which has been passed through a flame.

The burns which destroy the outer layer of the skin, producing a blister, are treated much as a wound would be treated.

For this I've wrought until my weary tongue, Blister'd with incantation, flags in speech, And half declines its office.

Manuel said that he had put the blister on his master, and the doctor's directions had been accurately followed.