Blitheness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blitheness:

"I—I realize it," said she, and she felt again as if the sunshine were gone from the day, the blitheness from her heart.

But this attempt to save the native Greek character for "blitheness" and humanity must not be pushed too far.

No one can dip into the Doctor without being convinced of this buoyancy of spirit, quickness of fancy, and blitheness of heart.

The sudden change had its effect on Polly, and when she went upstairs it was with something of her accustomed blitheness.

Helen flew with eager blitheness through the hall and glanced with happy inquiring eyes.

I am not exaggerating when I relate that the days now passed with blitheness.

He laughed a little on this; even a certain blitheness came into his laugh, as though he should say, “the joke is on you.”

A gap in the hills had hidden the girl in the silver tissue, and the blitheness of the Maccabee's spirit had gone with her.

"My mother is better, but call and see her," he cried after the doctor; this amendment was one cause of the artist's blitheness.

He did not look at Alastair; and, indeed, all the morning-blitheness had gone out of the eyes of the old man.