Blither [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Blither:

She was in a blithe—and happy mood that morning—the reaction from her yesterday's distress of mind.

By some trick of the imagination I have always thought of Canada as the blithe spirit that haunted my childhood.

From some distance away came back a blithe answer: "Here, Doctor Burns!"

But Reuben had leaped to the conquest, and carried a blithe heart with him.

"It's—it's 'Hail to thee, blithe spirit—bird thou never wert,'" said Denny.

Tekana, the son of Msiza, rose blithely in the blithe early morning before the sun had peeped over the rim of the world.

Let us rejoice then that the mainland life of these boys dedicated to her service should be so blithe.

He threw back his head looking at her, a blithe defiance creeping into his eyes and voice.

He would have him quivering with wrath, impotent against that bitter, blithe wit and the laughter it raised.

And Scrooge said often afterward, that of all the blithe sounds he ever heard, those were the blithest in his ears.