Blithering [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Blithering:

A blithering, water-eyed optimist to the end, he'd die with a prayer of thankfulness and gratitude.

Thomas Mugridge was beside himself, a blithering imbecile, so pleased was he at chumming thus with the captain.

Stand up, you blithering fool, and tell us what you mean by raising such a fuss.

You'd be a blithering fool, I grant you, to waste yourself in indulgence, but I'm not so ideally situated.

Look here, Jack, has everybody on the blithering police force gone crazy about pajamas?

It would be very easy to make a blithering ass of himself again—with her—because of her.

The London public won't stand that sort of blithering twaddle.'

I could see that when, like the blithering ass I am, I interrupted them that evening.

I could get the beasts, with Davey and that blithering half-breed.

You've got a good enough memory not to have forgotten that you made a blithering fool of me once.