Blitzes [noun]

Definition of Blitzes:

heavy attack

Synonyms of Blitzes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blitzes:


Sentence/Example of Blitzes:

The application arrives as public health experts gird for a blitz of coronavirus cases seeded by holiday travels and gatherings — a surge coming so soon that no vaccine can blunt it.

Washington’s defense gave its offense one more chance after a third-down sack by rookie safety Kam Curl on a blitz.

Technology platforms have released a blitz of new rules to curb misinformation after mounting momentum for movements such as QAnon.

Epic has engaged in a full-scale, pre-planned media blitz surrounding its decision to breach its agreement with Apple, creating ad campaigns around the effort that continue to this day.

The center snapped the ball and the Bulldogs sent a blitz, rushing Tagovailoa with two extra players, forcing him to throw the ball out of bounds.

Dollmann introduced us, calling him Commander von Brning, in command of the torpedo gunboat Blitz.

His news was that the Blitz's steam-cutter had come in on the morning tide, and he had met von Brning when marketing at the inn.

The hull of the Blitz loomed up, and a minute later our kedge was splashing overboard and the launch was backing alongside.

Then I understood—only men-of-war sound bugles—the Blitz was here then; and very natural, too, I thought, and strode on.

I shall be going back to the Blitz on the evening tide, but you'll be busy then with your own boat.'