Blizzards [noun]

Definition of Blizzards:

snow storm

Synonyms of Blizzards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blizzards:


Sentence/Example of Blizzards:

When a few calm hours intervened between two blizzards a general rush was made to continue some long-standing job.

It was a lovely day; almost like a dream after the lengthy months of harassing blizzards.

We were now self-contained, and everything was accessible and immune from the periodic blizzards.

It was fortunate for them that the temperature always rose during the blizzards.

On the days of blizzards, there was usually sufficient work to be found to keep us all employed.

We had become used to blizzards, but on this occasion several factors made us somewhat apprehensive.

Every year an additional layer of consolidated snow is added to its surface by the frequent blizzards.

The daily battle with winter's fierce frosts and blizzards, the strenuous toil, the hard food had done their work on him.

Let the wild winds howl; what do we care for your old August blizzards?

There have been violent snow blizzards all over the mountains.