Bloater [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bloater:

She stands high on her legs; and her wings have black tips, the rest being yellow, as though exposed to smoke, like a bloater.

Long before that, the Bloater and Little Jim had sought repose in the cart-shed of a neighbouring stable.

The Bloater, with a mouth extending from ear to ear and all his teeth displayed, uttered the single word “sold!”

This peculiarity, be it carefully observed, was natural to the Bloater, who scorned every species of affectation.

Little Jim looked disconsolate and said nothing, which, as the Bloater testily remarked, was another of his witty rejoinders.

But now a single table appeared, bearing upon its snowy mantle a Yarmouth bloater, and a bottle of Dublin stout.

For cannot the humble bloater be pressed into service, and the modest cod?

Little Foch, alas, failed to fulfil his youthful promise and became a common bloater.

At that time it was the habit to speak about men as "this old bloater" and "that old bloater," and the expression so tickled B.-P.

Letters would actually reach him from England solemnly addressed to Bloater Park.