Bloating [verb]

Definition of Bloating:

blow up like a balloon

Synonyms of Bloating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bloating:

Sentence/Example of Bloating:

Some one of the above purgatives should be given after the bloat has subsided, and careful feeding for some days must be observed.

Should you be still anxious to arrive at Bloat, you cannot do better than——'

His physical weakness, they soon discovered, was exactly what was to be expected of a whisky bloat.

I was well until I weaned my baby and then I began to bloat and had bearing down pains.

Excessive fermentations of this kind are responsible for the distressing phenomenon known as "bloat."

Thought I'd meander up the Hill with this old bloat Alky, and drop in to see the show.

The fly had pierced a blood vessel and would now bloat itself with blood.

Many of the horses after eating the dry corn and prairie grass would be seized with colic and bloat very badly.

A week later, I marked the familiar bloat in his cheeks, and suspected the truth.

When I realised what this meant I sat on the log and, as Meredith says, my "thoughts began to bloat like poisoned toads."