Blockading [verb]

Definition of Blockading:

protest against, for cause

Synonyms of Blockading:

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Sentence/Example of Blockading:

Others were retaken by the English blockading squadrons, who received then one eighth for salvage.

Off Charleston we passed through the blockading fleet, which was gayly decorated in honor of the taking of Fort Fisher.

They are not blockading Genoa, he said, but simply occupying the station best suited to intercept a contraband trade.

With British ships practically blockading the coast, he saw that to try to escape was hopeless.

The blockading fleet, however, held its position, and on September 3d opened fire again in the last of its assaults.

The difficulty of blockading Toulon was now increased by the failure of provisions.

Shortly after the Americans abandoned the attack, the blockading (p. 598) squadron got under way and stood down the bay.

The night of the 14th of January was dark and foggy, and the blockading fleet was nowhere to be seen.

For years after this, the sounds were occupied by a small squadron of the United States navy, mainly blockading cruisers.

Immediately upon his joining the navy, he was assigned to duty with the blockading squadron on the Atlantic coast.