Blockhouse [noun]

Definition of Blockhouse:

underground shelter

Synonyms of Blockhouse:

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Sentence/Example of Blockhouse:

There seemed to be a blockhouse on shore, and a kind of earthwork, near which was a flagstaff, but no flag was exhibited.

The sunset rays pouring through the ports on the west side of the blockhouse slowly faded, leaving the main room dark.

All together they ran at the blockhouse door, the glowing, smoking tip of the log in the forefront.

In the aftermath of the cannon's roar came whoops of delight from nearly a hundred small boys in the blockhouse.

Then they set fire to arrows and shot them at the blockhouse, and they all rushed in through the front gate.

I made known to the Indians that we would have to take this piece of ground for the blockhouse.

His body for several years hung in chains on Blockhouse Point, on the opposite side of the harbour to the town.

As he gazed upon the silent blockhouse, the moon fell upon his swarthy countenance, and betrayed its surprise and curiosity.

Soldiers began moving their single cannon, a six-pounder, from one blockhouse to another.

While that corner replied with musketry, he kept a sharp lookout for the safety of the northwest blockhouse.