Blocky [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Blocky:

His blocky, rugged face was smeared with dirt and dried blood, with a slight stubble shadowing his lean cheeks.

The hummocky surface and blocky material in the slide are well shown along the last half mile of the trail to Strawberry Lake.

They were neatly typed; Alan recognized the blocky purple characters of the voicewrite Hawkes kept in his room.

The information robot was a blocky green-skinned synthetic planted in a kiosk in the middle of a broad well-paved street.

The sun was high and the day was warm, and white, blocky clouds floated in the sky like icebergs in a sea of blue.

There was a wire fence, and a sentry, immediately in view behind him were square blocky buildings in a clearing.

Bending looked at the man, his blocky, big-jawed face expressionless.

There was a thick-muscled, no-fat look to Orne, but something about his blocky, off-center features suggested a clown.

That big blocky figure was just another obstacle standing in his way, to be blasted aside.

And so you ran down to meet us—that was bully, said the blocky man.