Blocs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blocs:

Pederson headed a bloc against 'Carmack's Folly,' but he backed the wrong horse, and when the bubble burst he was out in the cold.

He didn't feel it—he had thrown up a nerve bloc—but it rattled his teeth together.

Sometimes he becomes wholly insensitive in some part of his body via a nerve bloc.

Can true converts be made to order by constraint, motives of self-interest, or by baptizing them en bloc?

The French Socialists were returned with important majorities, and the Bloc found itself stronger than ever before.

They had imagined that the Pope would not dare to utter words of defiance against the fiat of an irreligious Bloc.

But the versatile Briand with a sympathetic "Bloc" has already thrown dust into eyes of the French people.

Six months ago, almost simultaneously, both father and son resigned their various positions en bloc.

The Confession, with practically no criticism or opposition, was passed en bloc on August 17.

The late sub commander had been a Constitutionist, which meant that he was allied with the currently-out "southern bloc."